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We received an incredible invitation to visit a remote school high up in the mountains in Malagiri, Nepal. This fantastic resource was only been made possible after 7 years of hard graft from the wonderful staff and friends of  Brighton University in particular Kevin Fossey.

Nepalese Child

Many people in Malagiri receive an inadequate education and live in conditions of extreme poverty. Education can make a huge difference to people’s lives and provides the means by which individuals can improve their circumstances.

The school offers a wonderful education to local children aged 3 to 8. You will see from the smiling photos the children are absolutely gorgeous! Find out how to support the project by clicking here.


Here is a little insert from our Director Hannah’s diary whist in Nepal:

Travelling to Malagiri:

The dusty, bumpy road seemed to go on forever, I felt nauseous, I wondered if it was the curried breakfast that morning, travel sickness or nerves from the anticipation of not knowing where we were going. I feared opening the car window for the thick black smog the huge lorries were choking out from their exhaust pipes. The car air-con was broken and it was sweltering.

We travelled 4 hours North or was it East…it didn’t seem to matter, it was from Kathmandu and up. Up a mountain covered in pine trees, if the air was not so smoggy we would have seen the Himalayas, I kept hopeful.

The following morning:

I slept in leggings and my hoodie pulled right up over my head, it was a cold night in the hills and the thought of an icy cold shower didn’t warm me up either. There was no hot water up here. I was still waking up when a roaring noise of laughter and what sounded like pans clapping made me jump… “Namaste”, Namaste”, “NAMASTE!” the local children came bounding over with hot chapattis, boiled eggs and the largest kettle full of the blackest, thickest, hottest tea to blow your head off… it’s only delicious with heaps of sugar. Looking at all the smiles around me, I knew today was going to be a great day.

Chinacake Productions have published a book of photographic work from Nepal, if you are interested in purchasing a copy please email: info@chinacakeproductions.com


All profits will go to A School for Malagiri

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