Mosaic Films and BBC iWonder

By 25th June 2014News


Chinacake Productions produced two short films in association with Mosaic Films for BBC iWonder, a new interactive Knowledge and Learning guide on

BBC iWonder is designed to give people access to content in a new and more interactive way and to deepen understanding and challenge preconceptions. The guides are curated by experts and BBC talent and provide a compelling new source of educational narratives.


Prostitution: Is there anything wrong with selling sex?

For centuries people  all over the world have sold sexual services. But when did it become frowned upon, and why? The first part of the guide introduces prostitution from a historical perspective, focusing on Britain under the reign of Queen Victoria where prostitution was branded ‘the Great Social Evil’ through to current UK law. The second part tackles the question whether buying and selling sex should be criminalised and explores how different countries around the world have responded to ‘selling sex’. Presented by Anita Rani.

View the guide here.

Television Presenter, Anita Rani



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