Chinacake in Iceland – Alien Worlds

By 31st August 2015News

How-Neanderthal-are-youThere were no signs of pink prawns or Peter Andre on this trip to Iceland! The Chinacake crew journeyed an epic 12 hours from Reykjavik in a 4×4 to Askja in the remote wild centre of Iceland. Sleeping like sardines in a tiny mountain hut, our mission was to film planetary scientists and the spectacular volcanic landscapes. The scientists were there to study the recently formed volcanic landscapes and rocks which they consider to be an analogue to Mars!  Standing there in a barren rugged landscape devoid of green and trees it was easy to imagine that we had just stepped on to the surface of an alien world. It was amazing to think that by observing present day processes you can start to understand rocks millions of years old or even the geology of another planet.


The films wont be ready until next year, but we’ll be sure to share them with you just as soon as we can.

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